VADEMA project

Doctoral Industrial School for Vaccine Design through Structural Mass Spectrometry

VADEMA is an Industrial Doctorate (ID) funded in the framework of H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN programme. The project aims to deliver industry-oriented PhD training for 4 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in the field of structural mass spectrometry applied to vaccinology, through close interaction between an academic and an industrial partner.

Using an empirical approach, vaccines were developed based on killed or live-attenuated microorganisms, partially purified components of pathogens (subunit vaccines), detoxified toxins or polysaccharides. These vaccines contributed to the elimination or significant reduction of several devastating diseases in countries where coordinated public health campaigns were carried out. During the last 30 years, several technologies have emerged such as recombinant DNA technology, glyconjugation and reverse vaccinology, enabling new vaccines which were previously considered impossible to develop. New technologies are currently opening up future avenues for the design and development of the “next generation” of vaccines. An approach that combines human immunology with structural vaccinology for the selection of multiple epitopes, promises future vaccines able to induce sufficient protective immunity.


By bringing together the project partners’ expertise in Mass Spectrometry, Vaccinology, and project management, VADEMA will create a multidisciplinary environment where four researchers will contribute to the development of a Structural Mass Spectrometry platform for the identification of protective epitopes from native antigens. This information will then be used for the design of efficient vaccines.

The fellows will be affiliated to the Drug Research Academy where they will benefit from interactions with a wide and diverse scientific network within the pharmaceutical research community.

The fellows will attend courses foreseen at the Graduate School in Copenhagen which make up the main curriculum for their PhD Complementary courses on mass spectrometry and vaccinology will also be held during the fellowship.

At the same time, the students will acquire transferable skills which will equip them to become future leaders of academic or industrial research.

This project is at the leading edge of science and technology and represents a good opportunity for students that are willing to grow both in basic science as well as in innovative and applicative research.



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